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deviation in storage by snow-pear
This collection features the submissions our members kindly submitted to the club during the said months. Please take time to view their submissions. Comment and fave when necessary. Remember, if you're going to critique a person's work please make sure you do so with kindness. Rude or vulgar remarks will not be tolerated.

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Good day Writers-Club.

Our interview segment is back, all thanks to this very special author I stumbled upon. When I saw the raw talent he possesses I thought to myself ‘he deserves recognition’ and what better way to do that than to share his passion with his peers – our marvelous writing community!

This group has been in hibernation for a while, building up towards a new age, and that age has come right now with this sudden breakthrough. Be prepared for awesome things to come.

Without Further ado, I present to you:

Eben Prentzler, also known as Umuntu :iconumuntu:

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m known as Umuntu, or some people call me Umi.  Although I do write under my real name.  I’m one of those people who are very passionate about their writing.  I have dabbled in many genres of writing before just to broaden my horizons.  I must say however that I found my strength in fantasy writing.  I even composed and self published at least two novels in this genre.  And there are many more to come.
While I don’t write on my main project, I turn to short stories to keep the flow going.

Go me :)

What drives you to write; what is your muse?

This is an interesting question actually.  I have never actually thought about what my muse could be, or what drives me to write what I write.  I had to juggle this question around for a while to come to an answer.  When it comes to the big world that I have created and all the characters there in.  I truly believe that is the characters that call for me to write more about them.  Either that or I’m talking too myself too that is a bad thing ;)

I have to admit though, there have been some dreams that I had before that served as muses before.

When did you figure out you have the ability to write?

Another good question.  When I was in High School, I didn’t see myself very interested in literature actually.  Even with English as my second language, it didn’t really appeal to me.  I did however get a good praises from a creative journal entry I composed in my final year of school.  Not knowing the better, I just shelved the praises and continued with my life.  It wasn’t until I believe 1998 when I really figured out that I could write, or in that time think I could write.  I started out with very badly written fan fictions of The Lion King, then it just went on from there.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

To be honest, when I started out with the writing of my fan fictions.  My inspiration revolved solely around that my readers thought of my work.  The more they liked it, the more I felt the need to give them more.  But then came the day when I found my true inspiration.  Believe it or not, my inspiration lies in the movies.   I’m a true fanatic when it comes to movies.  They inspire me, for they show me what I truly want for my writings.  For it to be portrait in that format.  It drives me and inspires me to write more, to become better.  To be of such a calibre that my writings find success in that field.

Tell us about your writing process.

My writing process starts with the end of the story.  I know exactly how the story will end before I write it.  Then comes the second most difficult part of my writing process: How will the story start.  Followed by the most difficult process, creating the characters and naming them.  Once that is out of the way, the writing is actually a breeze.  I write down my first draft, but I still take my time when I write.  Sometimes I will just stare at the screen, not writing at all, but thinking of what must still happen and how it will happen.  Expanding the story in my head. I want to make sure what I write sounds good, even if it is the first draft.

When the first draft is finished, then I will take a break from that story and work on something else to clear my mind.  So that when I come back to the first draft, I come with the mind set to polish off the story and make it sound better than it was before.  It is a long process which I believe I overdo sometimes, but in the end it is worth every minute of the time that I spend on my writing.

Then comes the fun part, letting someone else rip it apart with comments and criticism so that you can improve even more.

What is the best tip/tips you can give to a fellow writer?

Don’t let anyone get you down.  If you truly believe that you have the passion and creativity for writing, don’t let anyone step on your dreams.  Yes, there will be people that will criticize you in the worst kind of ways that will hurt your pride.  Ignore them and rather concentrate on people that are truly there to help you with good criticism and creative input.

When you think you are stuck, don’t ever give up.  Just focus yourself on your goals.  And of course, a nice helping hand from friends and family doesn’t hurt.  Although you would think that writing a good story is a solo thing, you will be surprised to find how much the people close to you can inspire you to go further than you ever thought.

Questions about the author's work:

Tell us about your main story and characters.

Oh, my biggest under taking at the moment is The Royal Archive Saga, which is a Chronicle Of Solo.…
It is a four book saga that follows three generations of royal family whom battle an evil curse.  It all starts with the first character Prince Kasi.
This medieval fantasy story will introduce you to the depths of my mind. It will show people another look at magic and how the multiple gods that created this world are introduced to the very real risk that everything they worked for can be destroyed by one case of mere revenge.

To which character can you relate the most and why?

Another outstanding question.  Originally, I would have said that the character, Umuntu, would’ve been the one that I can relate to the most, because he was so much like me.  But now after I wrote so much of this series.  There is a character in the fourth part of this saga.  His name is Kura and I believe that I relate more to him than anything else and why do you ask:
Quiet and conservative writer whom doesn’t give up on his goals.  Introverted, and a hopeless romantic.

What inspired you to write this story; how did you get the idea to write this?

To be completely honest, I don’t know how got the idea for this story.  As you might recall, I started out with writing horrible fan fictions at the start of my writing career.  The writing may have been horrible, but the plots were sound enough, but needed work.  Then over the past seventeen years I have been working these plots, adding new ideas and characters.  And finally it shaped into what is now my passion.

What kind of reader will enjoy your work?

I believe that the majority of young adults should enjoy my works, but I have found by doing some minor research that even the older adults enjoy what I have written so far.  I’m hoping to pull another fantasy loving people into my own world.

Please give us a short excerpt/extract/piece of your story.

From Chapter 7:

Kaburu opened the door before the guards’ heavy knocking broke it down.  He faced four guards, but couldn’t actually tell them apart.  For Kaburu all the Howlers looked the same.  Small, clad in armour and wielding their swords, trying to intimidate the world.  “Can I help you?”
The guards shoved him out of the way.  “Out of the way old man,” one of the guards said, pointing his sword at Kaburu.  “Search the place!”
One of the guards headed towards the kitchen, another to the bedroom and the last one searched living room area itself.
“How dare you enter my house without permission?” Kaburu said sternly.  “What is the meaning of this?”
“We are looking for a murderer, so shut your trap or we shall shut it for you,” the guard replied rudely.
The guard who was searching the living room quickly finished and headed towards the storage room door.  He pulled the handle and pushed the door, but nothing happened.  He pushed harder and harder but the door wouldn’t budge.  “Old man, this door doesn’t want to open.”
“What’s behind that door?” the head guard asked the farmer.  “What are you hiding?”
“I’m not hiding anything,” Kaburu said.  “That is my storage room.”
“Open it!”
Kaburu walked towards his storage room, with a sword pointed at his back.  “I don’t know what is wrong with you Howlers,” he started.  “Brute force isn’t the only solution, you know.” He stopped in front of the storage room and pulled the handle.  “Let’s take this door for example, instead of using all you strength to push and break it open.” Kaburu pulled the door opened.  “Just a light tug would’ve opened the door”
“Don’t be a smart ass,” the head-guard growled, pressing the sharp tip of his sword against Kaburu’s flesh.  He pushed past the farmer and entered the storage room.  His eyes immediately fixed on Ahali, who had her hands hidden deeply in a big tub of water.  He sheathed his sword and quietly walked towards the Pride-Keeper, while the rest of his guards entered the storage room and started to look everywhere, breaking jars and shelves as they continued.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

I felt that this more light-hearted part of the story could appeal to people without giving away too much of what happened before and what will happen after.

I wish to thank Azzuenwolf :iconazzuenwolf:  for giving me the chance to speak out to the people in this interview. I hope that it has been a good experience for everyone, as it was for me.  As a last word, I just want to say.  Remember not to let anyone step on your dreams and keep on working on what makes you happy.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

What a way to start up a new season of writing, wouldn’t you say? Thank you Umuntu for giving us some of your time to do this interview with me, I believe you are a true inspiration as an author who has finished many works, and the time we spent together you showed me true passion as a rising author battling his way towards his dreams. And I am honored to have not only spend time with you, but to learn from you as well.

If you want to read the work of Umuntu, please use one of the following links to escape to a brilliantly written fantasy: (one I have the pleasure of reading right now)………

Umuntu :iconumuntu:

I'm looking forward to finding my next victim, any takers?
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2. Let us know the basic details about your club and why you would like to affiliate your club with our club.
2. Once we reply with a "yes" (or something similar), we're affiliates!
3. Once affiliated, don't hesitate to tell us whenever you have a contest and such. We'd be glad to post it for our members.
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